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FireworksIn Russia, when a teenager living in an orphanage reaches the age of 16 - 17, he or she must move out of the orphanage and cope with life on their own. Spoken For International Youth Outreach formed what is known as “Fireworks”, a program that helps young people facing such realities with physical, medical, social, spiritual and emotional care and training.

Support from Americans supply apartment rent, beds, table, chairs, couch, pots and pans, dishes, toiletries, pillows, blankets, college books, medical/dental care, and other things needed for daily living. This is just one example of how people can contribute and help with the needs of the teenagers who graduate out of the Russian orphanages in Penza.

Providing assistance to the graduating orphans is only possible through the generosity of donors. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the young people waiting for help in Penza, Russia, please visit our "How to Help" page for other options for donating.

If you would like to "shop" for items for Fireworks students, visit our online Fireworks Catalog.

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